After 16 years in custom superyacht building, the Tahincioglu family has always trusted quality to be their compass. Now in 2021, the ICT Shipyard is preparing to open its doors to their completely renewed facilities. With its coming upgrades of a new quay and equipment, a new jetty and a new boat hoist, ICT is poised to become a benchmark in the superyacht building and refitting industry.

2021 - 2022  ICT Expansion & Upgrades

Total Shipyard Area:   50.000 m2

mooring ico white trans

Floating Dry Dock:   2.500 tonnes

mooring ico hard stand white trans

Hard Stand Area:   28.000 m2

mooring ico docked white transparan

Mooring Quay:   95 meters

mooring ico docked white transparan

Mooring Area:   15.000 m2

mooring ico 2 crane 2

Mobile Cranes:  Up-to 700 tonnes

workshop icon final work

Workshop Hangar:   20 x 40 meters

mooring ico 2 travel 2

Boat Hoist:   600 tonnes (2022)

mooring ico 2 hangar 4

Hangar:  20 x 90 meters

Hangar:  35 x 15 meters