Over 80 Years Of Experience In Industrial Manufacturing And Design

For over 80 years and three generations in manufacturing in various industries, the Tahincioglu family has experience in confectionery, real estate development including interiors and they are recognized as world-wide brand.

The family enjoys extending their industrial experience in the yacht sector, by providing one of the best services in refit, repair and maintenance along with their high-quality new-build custom yachts.

In 2003, family member and shareholder Ilker Tahincioglu, founder of ICT Yachts, has decided to carry the family’s manufacturing and construction experience into yacht building in marine industry.  In 2006, the group invested on a state of art 31,000 m2 facility, ICT Shipyard in Yalova.

Along with our greatly experienced management structure based on marine sector, Mr. Can Dilmener is our partner in business development, origination and sales activities, besides our sister companies available for business or financial solutions