Yard Opportunities

Having a capacity to haul out up to 1,200 tons of vessels, today the shipyard is totally diversified and open for the growth of any type of large vessels or industrial manufacturing.

The owner’s new vision for the future includes welcoming new partners to come and rent portions of the property with their team to build their own project(s). This new flexibility will give new partners full control of their own production.

In any case, ICT will be ready to work together with any new partners who need support to complete their project in any type of service related to yacht building from simple cleaning service to supervision of any work.

Locational / Strategic Advantages

ICT Shipyard is located in Yalova, Istanbul with 31,000 square meters of waterfront land, with a state of the art yacht building complex with lots of room and open spaces for expansion.

Transportation is available from Sabiha Gokcen and Ataturk Airports by land or sea. Fast access to the shipyard by ferry is available from Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Location of the shipyard has an important advantage by being segregated from the sandblasting and all other negative aspects by being outside of the commercial shipyard zones.

Facilities & Services

Our Shipyard is established on 31,000 square meters of water-front property, with a total of 4,500 square meters of indoor facilities.

Shipyard Outdoor Open Space Area

31.000 m2 with additional 26.000 m2 backfill option at the seaside


Slipway Dimensions: 150 m x 29 m

Mobile Cranes: 100 – 600 tonnes

Slipway Crane: 1 x 30 tonnes

Slipway Pulling Capacity: 1,200 tonnes

Insulated Shed

Outside Dimension: 88 m x 19.3 m (extendibility up to 160 m)


Dimension: 34 m x 15 m x 7.6 m

Crane Capacity: 1.5 ton (add. mobile crane up to 100 tonnes)

Storage/office area: 150 m2



  • Private port, private dry dock, private quay

  • Berthing on special steel cradles to ensure safety

  • Lifting and launching

  • New reception and administration offices, central telephony system, computer 
systems, servers, internet

  • Wi-Fi high quality services with 2 hotspots, covering 100% of the marina and ticketing 

  • Fresh water, electrical connections, toilets, hot showers

  • Meteorological Information

  • All fuelling needs including diesel, gasoline

  • Fenced security around marina and boatyard 24 hours

  • Security cam system



  • New building custom yacht projects

  • New building production line yachts

  • Refitting, restoring and remodelling yachts

  • Renting open / indoor space for clients

  • High pressure cleaning
6. Yacht brokerage service

  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic facilities

  • Carpentry and furniture

  • Steel and aluminium welders

  • Hangar for wintering boats

  • Repair and interior decoration workshops

Maritime legal services provided in case of need

  • First Aid Post

  • Car Park

Economic Benefits

Istanbul is the perfect place for a marina due to the ease of transportation and commute. In addition, broadband services with price advantages and investment opportunities.

Cultural Benefits

We are located right in the heart of the magnificent and beautiful city of Istanbul, where the lifestyle is vibrant and active 24 hours a day.

Not only can you enjoy a great wealth of cultural aspects of the city of Istanbul such as history, social, and cultural values; but you can also relax by going shopping, indulging in rich culinary delights, or visiting the many entertainment facilities that Istanbul has to offer.